Spanish for beginners: Mi Vida Loca

I was on the BBC’s website and found the series”Mi Vida Loca”; it is a language learning series in 22 episodes and ends with a test.

At each episode is a extra video with learning supplements. Watch the video and see the trailer to the Mi Vida Loca (English: My crazy life) series.

Link to the 22 episodes is on BBC’s free language learning website.

Learn Languages: Get 10 Tips on how to Learn a New Language

In this video are 10 tips on how to learn a new language; in the video the woman talks about how to learn 5 words a day; if you need inspiration to how to learn words each day read my posts Learn Languages: Vocabulary Trainer; in the post is a link to a free online vocabulary trainer.

She also talks about travelling as a good learning process; If you need inspiration on where to travel to visit my travel blog.  

Learn Languages: How to Learn a Foreign Language

I found a video on YouTube; in the video is a fellow giving tips about how to learn a language; his tips are 
  • Read out loud
  • Just speak
  • Live with locals.
  • Do not get frustrated.
  • Realize you will never be a native speaker
  • Have fun

Watch the video and get more information about how to learn a foreign language

French for Beginners: 800 English Words in French

Learning a language is learning words and grammar; in this video are 800 words in English and French.